Bust a Move was also the title under which the sequel to Bubble Bobble was released in the US. Elsewhere, it was called Puzzle Bobble, a name which made sense and served as a nod to its prequel.

Anyone who's played a similar game for the Macintosh called Snood knows it's addicting. The main differences between them are that Bust a Move stars cute little Bub and Bob instead of those crazy scary-looking Snoods, and the music rocks. Another key feature that makes this game a winner is head-to-head play.

Bust A Move is available in the arcade, on Neo-Geo systems, and on the SNES. You can tell this is a really great game because of its staying power. Like Tetris, it's one of those games that just doesn't get old. If you've got a few bucks, buy a SNES, Bust A Move, Kirby's Avalanche, and Zelda 3, and you'll be set for a long time to come.

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