Well, following in the tradition of a random number of E2 denizens, I've decided to give away some of my prized junk. And well, I have many thanks to dystatic for making this all possible with the gift she presented me when she was in town. A box of Yo! MTV Raps trading cards she managed to get from an Edmonton flea market. 36 unopened packs, even! So after I plundered the packs to not win a trip to New York City to see Yo! MTV Raps live (curses)!) and get 99 out of the 100 card set (UPDATE! - As of 7/29/2002 I now have the complete set, mad props to dystatic for pulling through for me for the millionth time), I found myself with 261 cards that were just laying around. Luckily a couple of IRC pals picked up the slack by requesting a few, but that only reduced my stock by 11...so, 250 cards. May as well give them to everythingians.

Here's the inventory of my cards along with appropriate hyperbole/scathing comments/inane ranting. If you want a card, lemme know by /msg or AIM or e-mail. Limit of 2 (just not two of the same), and please, don't everybody go swarming for the Vanilla Ice cards at first, and somebody take Superlover Cee and Casanova Rud cards off of my hands.

UPDATE! A favor I'd like to ask. It's come to my attention that there's a Series 2 set of about 50 more cards. If anybody happens to find a box of Series 2 packs on the cheap (say at a Flea Market, or bargain bin at a card shop, or a junk fair), then /msg me or get in touch with me otherwise. You'll be well rewarded if you can get a box to me.

  • Bell Biv Devoe - The start of this set, and the start of the questionable quality of choices in the set. They could have put Ice Cube in the set, but no, they had to go the family route, more on that later at various points. So we get 3 former members of New Edition who don't really do much rapping at all. You shoulda been in the Club MTV card set, guys. (13 cards/4 designs)
  • Big Daddy Kane - the Smooth Operator guy, who, on card #7 of the series, looks for all the world like he's smoked about 50 blunts before the photo shoot. (8 cards/3 designs)
  • Biz Markie - Poor guy, he was never able to recover after getting sued back to the stone age for covering/sampling Alone Again, and he was a funny guy too. (2 cards/1 design)
  • Boogie Down Productions/KRS-ONE - I know, they're seperate cards set-wise but I'm lumping them together because it's kinda pointless for them split it up in such a way, since Kris hadn't really released a solo album proper yet, well, not until later in the year. An even more extreme example of this is up later. (9 cards/3 designs, including 1 KRS-ONE)
  • De La Soul - These guys made it in the set because the rap establishment didn't yet realize that De La Soul is Dead was a "fuck you" album to them. But still, them being here is good times, seeing as how they're one of about 5 of the groups in the set that's still active and well-known, as Art Offical Intelligence is starting to grow on me terribly, or maybe just the Freddie Foxxx song at the end. I'm just rambling now. (3 cards/1 design)
  • Digital Underground - And these guys. They were just damn fun to listen to. These cards were the pre-Tupac era by the way. More like the Nothing but Trouble soundtrack era. Pretty great intentionally goofy card shots by the way. (8 cards/4 designs)
  • Doctor Dre and Ed Lover - Not to be confused with NWA's Dr. Dre, these were the two hosts of the show, that regularly delved into rather lousy improvisational sounding comedy bits, but somebody liked them enough to advance a budget on Who's The Man?. So, whatever. They could (and Fab Five Freddy for that matter) have easily turned over their extra card designs to Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, Salt n' Pepa, MC Lyte, Kid n' Play, A Tribe Called Quest, or Queen Latifah, all of whom were jilted out of the set. Again, whatever. (6 cards/3 designs)
  • EPMD - Okay, just to clarify. Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith were and are pretty much bloody genius as far as hip-hop goes, never a bad album, almost never a bad song, inspiring and getting a whole bunch of not-bad rappers started...these guys, what can I say? They deserve the whole "kneel before zod!" treatment. (6 cards/3 designs)
  • Eric B. and Rakim - Almost as brilliant, but when split up not nearly as effective. The late Ofra Haza had these guys to thank for the gateway to her popularity in the states and in a lot of other westernized parts of the world for that matter. Paid in Full was a damn good album all around though, Im Ninalu samples or not. (9 cards/5 designs)
  • Fab Five Freddy - Director of videos, Namechecked by Deborah Harry, and Saturday host of Yo!. See comments under Doctor Dre and Ed Lover above. (11 cards/4 designs)
  • Heavy D. and the Boyz - Straight from King of Fighters '94 and '98, it's...oops, wrong guy. Anyways, on the back of #37 there's a touching eulogy to deceased group member Trouble T-Roy. That's all fine and well, but I'm still never forgiving Heavy for leaving Chunky But Funky and Money Earnin' Mount Vernon off the greatest hits collection. (12 cards/4 designs)
  • Kool Moe Dee - After being part of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, verbally thrashing L.L. Cool J better than anybody else until Canibus totally outdoes you 11 years later, what do you do? You dress up like you're living 500 years into the future, and pose on rap cards. I guess hanging out with Devo should have been the next step. (3 cards/2 designs)
  • LL Cool J - And speaking of Todd, here he is. Kangol hat and all. This was just after he made his comeback, but you know, he doesn't want you to call it a comeback, since he's been here for years and stuff. (29 cards/7 designs)
  • MC Hammer - The big pants, the dorky outfits, hell, even the dance move (yes, the only one he's ever had) - they're all covered here. This is during the U Can't Touch This period of course, and to see how much of an absolute tool a rapper can look like, you'd be best to checking out card #s 51 and 52. I only have one of 52 and no 51's though. (9 cards/5 designs)
  • Paris - I was under the impression that this set was in alphabetical order but Public Enemy totally blew that theory out of the water. This was before Paris got better known for wanting to kill George Bush, the 1st, as per 1992's "Bush Killa". (4 cards/1 design).
  • Public Enemy/Chuck D/Flavor Flav/Terminator X - That's right, they all have seperate cards stretched out over the set. Such wretched excess, but I mean...they're Public Enemy, so I can't really mess with that. Best flavor text (heh) is on card #60: "Terminator X never speaks, using only his hands." Um, yeah. (21 cards/9 designs, including 1 Flavor Flav, 1 Chuck D, and 1 Terminator X)
  • Run-D.M.C. - Poor Jam Master Jay...*sniff* (6 cards/3 designs)
  • Slick Rick - Here he is folks, in full pre-prison glory. I bet his real motive in that murder attempt was that he was just upset that Doug E. Fresh and Dana Dane couldn't make it into the card set with him. But, alas. (2 cards/1 design)
  • Stetsasonic - These guys only really had one big single, that actually had two chances thanks to Dimitri from Paris. But one of their members has done more for hip-hop than over half the people in this freaking set combined. Oh hi, Prince Paul. (3 cards/1 design)
  • Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud - No, I don't know who these guys are, or what they've done, or why they're taking up space in here (2 spaces to be exact) that could have been used by somebody a lot more deserving. Ah well, that's life. I'll probably have to smuggle these cards in with other requested cards to get rid of them. (4 cards/2 designs)
  • Ted Demme - Man, it's just not right, the guy died and his trading card legacy is a tacky trading card. (4 cards/1 design)
  • 3rd Bass - White guys that can rap. No, seriously. At least they were taken the most serious at the time by rap establishment type people, since the Beastie Boys had more or less fallen off the face of the earth (in a figurative sense) until 1993, and Vanilla Ice...well...(2 cards/2 designs)
  • Three Times Dope - I remember these guys but just barely. I know they had a pretty popular song but that's what I forget. Ah well, they made it into the set with only one album so there. And in one of their pictures they all look to be about 40. (7 cards/2 designs)
  • Tone Loc - I dare call this man one of the laziest rappers I've ever heard, but he got popular with his slacking in rhymes and you can't argue with the masses if you make Rap trading cards. Would later go on to do lazy cartoon voices. (13 cards/4 designs)
  • Vanilla Ice - The man, the myth, the Winkle... Yes, it's the white boy himself. And he has the greatest poses in the world. He pumps his fist in the air. He does push-ups on stage. He shows off his pompadour. He looks BAD ASS~@! Ahem. He had also never been on "YO! MTV Raps" before, and yet he gets more cards in the set than anybody. Go figure. (25 cards/8 designs)
  • Whodini - There's charming flavor text for this one too. "(Whodini's) popular songs include Freaks Come Out at Night, Funky Beat, and I'm a Ho. Whodini's rhymes stress stay-in-school and other positive themes." Right. (3 cards/1 design)
  • Young Black Teenagers - And their gimmick was that they were white boys. Not very good though. If they had to put another Hank Shocklee group in the set why couldn't they have put in Son of Bazerk? By the way, these guys look like they're trapped in the tiny hallway at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory in both pictures, so take your pick. (8 cards/2 designs)
  • Young M.C. - Bust a Move was a hit way too long for anybody's comfort, so naturally he would get in the set. He's also to blame for Tone Loc's songs...well parts of them. (11 cards/4 designs)
And that's the set folks, like I said, if you want any of this stuff let me know. International requests may take a little bit due to my stupid american self not automatically knowing international postage rates. Anyways...happy, um, curio collecting.

I guess down here I'll keep an inventory of what's claimed and when it's sent.

gahachino - 1 Doctor Dre and Ed Lover, 1 Slick Rick (sent as of June 14, 2001 - RECEIVED)
Ouroboros - 1 Run-DMC, 1 MC Hammer (sent as of June 13, 2002 - RECEIVED)
StopTheViolins - 1 Flava Flav (sent as of June 13, 2002 - RECEIVED)
GangstaFeelsGood - 1 De La Soul, 1 Boogie Down Productions (sent as of June 13, 2002 - RECEIVED)
donfreenut - 1 Biz Markie, 1 Heavy D. and the Boyz (sent as of June 13, 2002 - RECEIVED)
perdedor - 1 Boogie Down Productions, 1 Dr. Dre and Ed Lover (sent as of June 13, 2002 - RECEIVED)
ism - 1 Slick Rick, 1 Run-DMC (sent as of June 14, 2002 - RECEIVED)
Starke - 1 MC Hammer, 1 Vanilla Ice (sent as of June 17, 2002 - RECEIVED)
CzarKhan - 1 Digital Underground, 1 Public Enemy (sent as of June 17, 2002 - RECEIVED)
Quizro - 1 Run-DMC, 1 Superlover Cee and Cassanova Rud (sent as of June 17, 2002 - RECEIVED)
Chihuahua Grub - 1 Whodini, 1 3rd Bass (sent as of June 20, 2002 - RECEIVED)
jethro bodine - 1 Terminator X, 1 Kool Moe Dee (sent as of June 20, 2002 - RECEIVED)
WonkoDSane - 1 LL Cool J, 1 De La Soul (sent as of June 20, 2002 - RECEIVED)
Vice_hkpnx - 1 KRS-ONE, 1 EPMD (sent as of June 25, 2002 - RECEIVED)
TheBooBooKitty - 1 Public Enemy, 1 Flava Flav (sent as of June 25, 2002 - RECEIVED)
mr100percent - 1 LL Cool J, 1 Kool Moe Dee (sent as of June 26, 2002 - RECEIVED)
crux - 1 Chuck D, 1 Digital Underground (sent as of June 26, 2002 - RECEIVED)
Aeroplane - 1 De La Soul, 1 Young MC (sent as of July 3, 2002 - RECEIVED)
Chiisuta - 1 Whodini, 1 Vanilla Ice (Sent August 2, 2002 - RECIEVED)
jaubertmoniker - 1 Biz Markie, 1 Young Black Teenagers (sent August 2, 2002 - RECEIVED)
cahla - 1 Digital Underground, 1 Kool Moe Dee (sent August 2, 2002 - RECEIVED)
Infinite_Burn - 1 Public Enemy, 1 Bel Biv Devoe (sent August 2, 2002 - RECEIVED)
abrager - 1 Biz Markie, 1 Young Black Teenagers (sent November 20, 2002)
NothingLasts4ever - 1 Chuck D, 1 De La Soul
superfly - 1 Bel Biv Devoe, 1 KRS-ONE

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