aka "E Double" aka "The Green-Eyed Bandit". Erick Sermon has enjoyed a long and illustrious career in rap that still continues today.

Busting onto the rap scene in 1988 as part of the group EPMD, along with Parrish Smith and DJ Scratch. EPMD had a fresh new sound, which they achieved through sampling many old school funk classics, as well as classic rock tunes.

It was after EPMD's fourth album, Business Never Personal, that Erick Sermon went solo. In 1993, he released his first solo album entitled No Pressure. It featured guest perfomances from Redman, Keith Murray, and Jeff Stewart. Sermon produced his album himself, exercising total control over his beats. Finding his success, he began to work as a producer, remixing some of rap's biggest hits for their respective artists and providing new beats for Murray and Redman.

Sermon would go on to form a new group, Def Squad, with Murray and Redman, and draw acclaim from rap critics. The chemistry on the microphone between these three was undeniable, and Def Squad went on to become one of rap's greatest supergroups.

Based upon his early successes with producing and Def Squad, Sermon would produce and release a compilation of tracks he had worked on with other groups entitled Insomnia, as well as another solo joint, Double or Nothing

In 1997, EPMD would reunite to create the album Back in Business and with what Erick and Parrish had learned while apart, only helped to make their reunion that much better.

Today, Erick Sermon continues as one of rap music's best producers and a pioneer of the hardcore funk sound.

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