A rap group from Oakland, led by (New York's) Shock G, whose use of Funkadelic samples helped bring George Clinton back (again) from the Hipness Abyss; De La Soul's "Me, Myself, and I" didn't hurt either. Famous alumnus: Tupac Shakur, still dead as of this writing - how's thug life now, dude? Famous non-alumnus: Humpty Hump, Shock's Groucho glasses-wearing alter ego, the lead evangelist of the "Humpty Dance".

1990 Sex Packets ***** (contains the Humpty Dance)
1990 This is an EP Release **** (featuring music from the movie Nothing but Trouble starring Chevy Chase)
1991 Sons of the P ****1/2
1993 Body Hat Syndrome ****
1996 Future Rhythm ** (quite amusing, but not very good music)
1999 Lost Files (?)
2001 No Nose Job: Legend of Digital Underground ****1/2 (I've heard that this one is really good)
They also appeared on George Clinton's Greatest Funkin' Hits doing an excellent remix of Knee Deep. I highly reccomend that album, it also features Busta, Q-tip, and several other talented rappers.

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