Year of Indigenous People

I finished uni in 1993. It was the true end of innocence for me. My working life was to begin, and I have never quite made that change fulfillingly.
Of course, I spent the year on campus mudding furiously, ignoring the ample bulletin boards, blissfully unaware of the terms "internet", "surfin' the net" and "world wide web" were just about to come to prominence in the mainstream media. Occasionally making the joking comment: You know, our private little world here is going to become commercialised one day - and then everything will be different.

General News


Well, more a list of people known in wider circles who died in 1993:

Rudolph Nureyev, Russian dancer (6 January)
John B "Dizzy" Gillespie, Jazz trumpeter (6 January)
Audrey Hepburn, actor (20 January)
Kobo Abe, Japanese writer (22 January)
Thurgood Marshall, American Justice (24 January)
Andre "the Giant" Roussimoff, wrestler (27 January)
Arthur Ashe, tennis player (7 February)
Albert Sabin, physician (3 March)
Dino Bravo, Canadian wrestler (11 March)
Frank Zappa, musician (12 April)
William Golding, author (19 June)
Joe "Curly" DeRita, The Three Stooges (3 July)
Herbert Joeks, Dutch actor (28 July)
Vincent Price, Patron of the macabre (25 October)
Federico Fellini, director (25 October)
River Phoenix, actor (31 October)
Bill Bixby, actor (21 November)
Anthony Burgess, author (22 November)
Don Ameche, actor (6 December)
Wolfgang Paul, Nobel prize winner (6 December)
Kakuei Tanaka, Japanese prime minister (15 December)


Since people born in this year are now 11-ish, we need to get further along the timeline before this list becomes longer for people of general interest. But found some:

David Dorfman, child star (7 February)
Taylor Momsen, child star (26 July)

The Music

According to Billboard, the top song of 1993 in the US was Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey and BoysIIMen were all included. 1993 was not all fun and games, people!
But here's some of the songs that were around at the time.

Asshole Denis Leary (Top song on Triple J Hottest 100)
Friday I'm in Love The Cure
I'd do anything for love (but I won't do that) Meat Loaf (7 weeks in UK charts)
Movin' on Up M People
Two Princes Spin Doctors
World Turning Yothu Yindi

Small and Silver Screen

Addams Family Values
Bad Boy Bubby (Australian)
Beavis and Butthead first episode (March)
Born Yesterday
Cheers final episode (20 May)
The Fugitive
The Good Son
Grumpy Old Men
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
In the Name of the Father
Jurassic Park (Academy Award: Best Visual Effects)
Loaded Weapon I
Philadelphia (Academy Award: Best Male Actor)
The Piano (Academy Award: Best Female Actor)
Schindler's List (Academy Award: Best Picture)
Three Colours: Blue

Nobel Prizes

Nobel Peace Prize: Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk for their efforts to end apartheid in South Africa.
Nobel Physics Prize: Russell A. Hulse and Joseph H. Taylor, Jr. for discovering a new pulsar, which was particularly cool if you are into gravity.
Nobel Chemistry Prize: Kary B. Mullis and Michael Smith for PCR and site-directed mutagenesis respectively.
Nobel Literature Prize: Toni Morrison, American novelist.
Nobel Medicine Prize: Richard J. Roberts and Phillip A. Sharp for discovering split genes.

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