They were, at first, a political jam band, a black MC5, if you will. America Eats Its Young, and all that. But black rockbands got as much attention in the 60s as 3-D smell-o-vision. Remember that the Jimi Hendrix Experience was a British (== "cool") band, and they had God playing guitar - Funkadelic weren't so advantaged, though you might describe them as the permanent Band of Gypsys that Hendrix was never able to muster together. And Sly came in through the soul door, belying, in part, his previous work.

Later on, the party became less explicitly political and more of a spectacle - the Mothership, the extensive mythology and plotline, etc. But there was a message in there somewhere, though only George could explain it. Maybe.

See also: Parliament, P-Funk, and Parliafunkadelicment Thang.

The term psychedelic, coined to describe drugs that allow one's mind to heavily influence one's cognitive and perceptual reality, comes from two greek roots: psyche, mind or spirit, and delos, manifesting. Psychedelics, from the user's perspective, reify the mind. Funkadelic, which is today sometimes used as a an adjective, thus means "making the funk so real you could spoon it up with a funky spoon and pour it on your funky head."

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