Depeche Mode is an electronic music band that has been around basically forever, or since 1980 to be a little more exact, and I believe being exact is important, don't you? In that vein I might add that Depeche Mode actually means "Fashion Update" and not "Fast Fashion", which is a mistranslation that has been circulating forever. For more information on that topic you might consider learning to speak French, not that I actually speak French, I just read contradictory reports of facts and decide which ones I like better.

In their early days Depeche Mode mostly farted around on keyboards and produced a few early albums, one of which (Speak and Spell) included the single "Just Can't Get Enough" as well as a bunch of songs that sounded similar but without actually being all that catchy. Their third album (Construction Time Again) began to show some hints at the future direction of the band, while their fourth album (Some Great Reward) was definitely a prime example of their basic sound, and they continued with a sequence of fantastic albums with that distinctive Depeche Mode sound right up until 1995.

In 1995 I graduated from high school and honestly I haven't listened to much anything that has come out since then, by Depeche Mode or anyone else. However other people have assured me that the new stuff isn't as good, while several others have assured me it is better. I am not sure which one is right, but the sales haven't been the same, and I still incidentally hear stuff from Violator and Music for the Masses on a regular basis, while I have never heard anything from them post 1995.

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