The hero of this book, written by Richard Bach, is a young seagull who is not content with the life his society (The Breakfast Flock) leads. Rather than flying to simply obtain food, and hugging the shore, as they do, he flies for the pure joy of the experience, pushing his limitations back, and travelling higher and further all the time.

Over time, he is ostracised, becomes a cult figure and a sensei, and finally reaches enlightenment and a higher plane of being.

The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs of gulls flying, and there was also a film, for which Neil Diamond provided the music.

It is an enjoyable and yet spiritual book, with a positive, if simplistic, message -- that we can all achieve what we want to, if only we are prepared to risk and reach for it and keep trying, despite setbacks.

It is wonderful to read aloud too, and was my daughter's favourite bedtime story before she learned to read.

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