A few notes on the DVD release of the Fugazi documentary:

The Extras

  1. Little Flags (2000) - a short film by Jem Cohen with the soundtrack by Fugazi.
  2. Glue Man (1989) - another Jem Cohen short with Fugazi providing the music.
  3. Live performance of Waiting Room which incidentally is probably the most familiar Fugazi song for most people.
  4. Live performance of Turnover.
  5. Live performance of Long Division.

I have a promotional copy of the VHS version of this so I can't comment on the differences in packaging. The booklet that comes with the DVD is very nice and provides all the information about where and when the live footage was shot. You also get lyrics to some of the songs and some pictures of Jem Cohen shooting footage.

Cohen also wrote a short essay about the process of making the film over the course of a decade and how his role as a documentarian evolved over time. It's a nice complement to the whole package because I've often wondered what sort of maniac would follow a band (friends since high school or not) for ten years all over the United States and elsewhere. His essay gives us more insight into the film maker who is largely invisible throughout the documentary.

I will do write ups for the film shorts as soon as the DVD player arrives! :)

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