A band whose name is remarkably self explanatory, combining Celtic melodies and instruments with traditional African percussion. The mixture is surprisingly enjoyable, calling to mind in turn a bagpiper on the quiet, fog-shrouded moors and that rave you staggered home from at 5:30 a.m. yesterday (and how's that hangover, by the way?).

I first heard their single, "Lovers of Light," on the NPR Celtic music program The Thistle & Shamrock, and it was worth the price of admission to hear genteel host Fiona Ritchie use the phrase "trip-hop" in casual conversation.

They have a website under construction at http://www.afrocelts.com. They have a simple interactive applet called Noodle that lets you mix some of their tracks at http://realworld.co.uk/rwmm/noodle.

At this writing their most recent album is Volume 2: Release, with a third one on the way.

From their website, on highlights from their recent US tour:

Meeting Martin Sheen on the set of the Conan O'Brien show and giving him a copy of Vol.2 which he enthused over, only to find that he'd off-loaded it to a fan outside who then asked James to autograph it!. Also in America, this time backstage at the House of Blues in LA, the band were met by Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves, who apparently listened to Vol.1 whilst refining their martial arts skills in preparation for their parts in "The Matrix"

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