A quick doodle in the margin of a note is made, while the teacher rambles onward about nonsense that one would/could only make proper use of, on the final exam coming shortly in a few days.

Yes, we all did it at one point. Some of us to more of an extent than others. From seemingly novels of the little critters, to a crumpled up note tossed in the trash.

Notebook drawings are an art that requires no talent other than the thinking mind of a human being. They can be placed into two main categories of margin filling entertainment, described in the following:

The first of which, and most commonly used is the ‘draw and slip’, which (depending on skills) requires an extremely sharp pencil to get every minor detail of the work so the friend your slipping it to when the teachers back is turned can understand it easily and quickly. This can prevent unsightly gestures and whispering, that renders the note useless. This procedure is not recommended by myself (an experienced note book ‘Margin Master’) as this method is risky, and can resolve in getting made fun of as the receptionist may mis interpret the note; for example: a tiny picture of a mushroom and squirrel in a forest can easily be misinterpreted as a male reproductive organ with a squirrel, giving a false theory to the receiver of the note that the initial not provider is a furry.

The second (and my personal favorite) is sitting beside or close to a person(s) who is involved in the art. This procedure can also contain some risk, although less than the first method, the risk of laughing out loud, and getting caught by the teacher factors remain, but on a less intense level. This also adds the benefit of being able to venture onto margin art on a higher level, two (possibly insane) people drawing something on the same piece of paper occasionally breaking away to shade or add a little touch here and their to the other person’s work, can lead to devastating and wonderful results. (This task can also be completed not just by two but several people). The required utensils are simply pens and/or pencils, dullness is no longer a factor as in the end, the final result can barely be understood on the face of this planet.

At no times do I accept any result of punishments endured by the people who themselves chose to participate in the activities mentioned above.

Erasers a strictly prohibited, as by no means at all are modifications or making things normal encouraged, in fact, pushing and shoving of the elbows and/or writing hands are encouraged, messy is excellent.

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