This is perhaps one of the coolest dog breeds ever. They all have the same color (roughly): a sort of taupey, mauvey, gray. Their hair is always about a quarter inch long and never grows any longer, thus shedding is not a problem. They are beautiful and noble-looking. They are also quite obedient. Have you ever seen a Sesame Street episode with the dogs doing counting tricks or sitting in the shape of letters of the alphabet? Well those are Weimaraners. William Wegman is a photographer/artist that works with the dogs. He is able to get them into positions that makes them ideal photographic subjects. But don't think for a second that these are lazy dogs... On the contrary, they need to run at least a few miles a day. They make great pets and my best friend is a Weimaraner... his name is Mocha. Check out The American Weimaraner Club for more info:

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