My third day in London on spring break. Yesterday, I got nice and stoned and walked from that bridge near parliment and big ben to the tower bridge. Seeing the insane London eye and walking down to the bank of the Thames. Then we spent about two hours getting back to my friend's flat, via a tube and about three night buses.

I had a good time. Today, I am just chilling out, and wondering whether or not I should go to Amsterdam while I am over here.

Now I see that JeffMagnus's auto-daylog script must be behind.

Today was another day at class. Chances are, I'll fail my Rhetoric class. I hate research papers. Besides that, I'm almost confused in Intro to Linear Algebra, I'm getting the hang of stacks and queues in Computing II, and I'm understanding Intro to Digital Logic perfectly.

Besides that, it's a boring day.

Today, i stood on the sidewalk calculating powers of two to keep from freezing. I may have been rocking back and forth.
Later in the day, someone looked at a number on my screen and said, that's one less than 210. I blinked.
Apparently and unrelatedly, humanity is destroying itself, says the newspaper.

And we know that if we discover a new element, it will be called Likewknowum.

A man looked at me and I saw him notice something, but I don't know what it was.

Looked for four-leaf clovers with my kids. Everyone thought it was funny to talk in fake British accents for a half-hour. Will Smith asked if he could ring me up sometime, and could he have a pair of my knickers. Talked with Robin about cramps and leg-shaving. They grow up so fast. (I meant that; please don't supply a sarcastic voice.)

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