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in theory, at least, the high school dance is today. it's snowing. 3 or 4 inches so far, but that's just the beginning. it's not supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon EST. assuming we're able to get out of the house, i'm going with kat2003, even though we just broke up (last night, in fact). it'll be fun.

the dance ended up being cancelled. screw that.

remember, it's not blood on the floor.

I breakfast on a couple of oranges, and vow to give up oranges until spring is sprung. Later on I scramble eggs with pepper jack cheese, and vow to lay off eggs for a while too. Hard drive in place, operating system installed, I set to reinstalling software (chat clients, Inertnet Exploiter, MS Offal 97) and catching up with e-mail missed over the last few days. There are over 50 spams in my mailbox, which sucks. Jenn Instant Messages me and says she's looking forward to moving in in about 2 weeks. woohoo! She wants to split the rent evenly and use the attic for a den. Fine by me, it's unheated / un-air-conditioned - I would just use it for storage space, if I had anything to store. I shower and pack for an overnighter in South Jersey, playing Warhammer tonight and Palladium Fantasy tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow's snow will be called off so I can make it back to the apartment (it's almost feeling like I could call it "home") safely.

Quizro is now officially a Linux newbie.

Today I semi-successfully installed Red Hat Linux 6.1 on my laptop, thereby taking my first step into a larger world. Sure, X Windows doesn't work quite right (the pointer doesn't obey my commands, choosing instead to lurk in the top right corner of the screen, then occasionally whizzing around like a crazy monkey) -- but I didn't destroy my Win95 partition and the command line interface works just fine. I'm now learning this crazy Unix thing from scratch. It's so insane -- here I am, an IT professional, running into the kitchen and shouting "I just created a file! And moved it to a directory!" to my amused wife.

On this day, I:

  • recieved my first C!
  • surpassed level 2 to become an Acolyte on E2
  • surpassed level 1 to become a Novice on Perlmonks.org
  • and I wrote my first day log.
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