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disco, in his original Cuban method writeup, goaded me into promising a Chano Pozo node for the morning (all in good fun), so I did further early spring cleaning, in search of a long 20-year-old magazine article written about him; for all his importance (you're soaking in it), it isn't very easy to find good Pozo stuff merely by firing up AltaVista. I failed to find the magazine, so the node is more about what Pozo (and Dizzy Gillespie) begat, since Pozo's celebrity lasted only about a year or two, and was fairly underground at that. In return for my node, I get to do nasty, unspeakable things to disco with a Cuban cigar - this made staying up an additional ninety minutes last night worth the lost sleep. I'm ready now to collect upon disco's end of the bargain. I have it in writing. We will post pictures later on.

Last night I saw Moxy Früvous, so I got about 4 or 5 hours of sleep last night. Nevertheless, today has been excellent!

I am betrothed, for one thing.

Ok, so I'm underage....

No, I'm not betrothed in "Real Life", unfortunately. I am, however, engaged with a girl in the Medieval Society. We are to be married (within the context of the Society only, (of course|unfortunately)) sometime soon. We get to be a couple until such time as one of us (dies|is killed). Unfortunately, this means that I get killed off (again, within the context of the Society only) at the end of this semester, since she is the only girl in her Junior year of high school who is in the Society, which means that she gets to be Queen next year. I, a lowly Freshman, am not qualified to be the King, so I must be removed from the scene so she can be married to the next King. I am seeing parallels between this and The Mikado, by Gilbert and Sullivan. I wonder what she wants this to mean irl...? erg, perhaps I'll just completely ignore the possibility that she likes me, and remain sweet and innocent. Or something.

There is a Rat Trap tonight, perhaps I'll go. If I do, I can show off my funky clothes. Mi ropa guapa. Maybe I'll wear my white suit....nah. I'm considering all black... I have the pants and jacket from a black tux, and a black collarless shirt. They look übercool, IMHO.

(later...) i did not go to the rat trap. rather, i saw kodo. this day has been Most Excellent.

Summary: I am betrothed, I saw Kodo live, I saw Moxy Früvous last night, and now I'm going to go to bed and think very hard about my betrothee. I don't think I'll give her name on Everything unless she explicitly lets me; people in my town are paranoid about the evil online hax0rz or something.

high on life...

datagirl says i used "sexy" interestingly in socio-economic misfit.

A day in the life of dg

Psuedo-slept.. Woke up in haze not knowing what day it was or even what my name was.

Went to work floating on a little cloud. Little cloud yanked out from underneath me around 2:00pm and I hit the ground with a hard thWack. Looked like poo, so went home sick, only to be curled up in a fuzzy blanket now, noding.

If you see my little cloud, could you please bring it back? I liked the floating.

I have things to do today, but I really don't want to do them. Most of them can wait, and I think that is what they will do.

Also came to the conclusion today that I am odd and a socio-economic misfit.

BCGEU/CUPE strike ended in the morning, early enough for regular classes. Handed in my Logic homework but midterm was postponed along with a Calculus quiz.got my new HD(6GB) working and the data from my 3GB copied over, now I need to move my winbloze stuff from my 1.7GB to the 3GB.

Febuary 24th is now over in my country and i am feeling annoyed, I would like to be able to node i find that school work is best done at 4am when my brain doesn't have a thirst for knowledge, but i cannot. The only reason i can find for this is because i am a stupid-geek. There is nothing i can say about this node other than i wish my parents weren't here because then i could stay up all night and not be nagged to death at 4am when my dad finds me awake.

Yesterday I did some a-level coursework because it has to be done. I also learnt a little bit about synthesizers due to someone i know telling me to learn about them.

true love waits

Have you been assigned your number yet?

It's Dark
It's Misty
It's Mysterious
It's Lurking
It's infectious
It's crawling
It's around every corner
It's night

Why can't I be good?

Why does she want to give something to me?
But not give anything back
Why can't i be good?
I wish i was better

why waste it on me?

some of this was an extract from the book i am making for the person i love, when i find them.

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