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I was an unfortunate participant in this precious gem of a conversation. BTW, Co-worker B is a woman with a heavy West Virginia mountain accent.

co-worker A: "Bob is a nerd. He graphed the bandwidth of (company) during the Alan Green....Green-something speech."

me: "Greenspan."

co-worker A: "Yeah, that's it."

co-worker B: "Wait - Alan WHO?"

me: "Alan Greenspan."

one of the managers walks by and does a little subservient bowing gesture at the man's name

co-worker B: "Who is he?"

me: "The Federal Reserve chairman."

co-worker B: "Whatever that is. I thought maybe he worked here."

me: "Yeah, he's over in accounting."

Anyway. Y gave me some Toy Story 2 figures and I put them on top of my monitor at work.

Yesterday... being the 18th, I went to this great dinner party in nyc. Something I wouldn't normally be saying, but it was in the insane apartment. The kind of apartment you get by being a republican in the eighties. It was rather absurd, but since the parental units weren't there, we classed up the joint (well kind of the opposite) with lots of chianti and really good food cooked from 8pm-6am on the 17th by this other friend of mine.

Good stuff... I felt so cultured or something.

Of course I was wearing sneakers, due to the Everything Toe Injury Day incident.

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