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disco, in his original Cuban method writeup, goaded me into promising a Chano Pozo node for the morning (all in good fun), so I did further early spring cleaning, in search of a long 20-year-old magazine article written about him; for all his importance (you're soaking in it), it isn't very easy to find good Pozo stuff merely by firing up AltaVista. I failed to find the magazine, so the node is more about what Pozo (and Dizzy Gillespie) begat, since Pozo's celebrity lasted only about a year or two, and was fairly underground at that. In return for my node, I get to do nasty, unspeakable things to disco with a Cuban cigar - this made staying up an additional ninety minutes last night worth the lost sleep. I'm ready now to collect upon disco's end of the bargain. I have it in writing. We will post pictures later on.