I've been asked the question a number of times recently: How does Everything2 pay for itself?. Here's the dirty secret: It doesn't. Yeah - we are taking donations in the Donation Box - and please donate. It seriously helps. A lot. But, the reality is that the cost of maintaining multiple servers and several Mbps worth of connection costs quite a pretty penny. And let me tell you lad, we're a helluva of a long way from the dot com days, halcyon as they may be.

The bold reality is that Blockstackers is still funding the project, essentially. Why? Well, sometimes we wonder that - but I wanted to say that Jennifer's "The Three Men I Admired Most: Manhattan, 9/11/01" should be the textbook example of why I, at least, think this crazy scheme should continue, ad infinitum. The communication that people have within here, much like my other home, Slashdot, is something that is rarely seen - including within the This Late, Great Internet. I'm afraid of turning this node into a self-referential piece of garbage, but having seen what happened this week, the community of people gathered together here should be proud.

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