Most things that happen in day to day life can be explained as being someone else's fault, therefore almost every "why" question can be answered in the form of: Because (insert convienient scapegoat here) is an idiot. Example: Q: "Why do you have to work until 11 pm and come in at 7 the next morning?" A: "Because my manager is an idiot."

The problem with this strategy comes when a question is asked about fundamental characteristics of the universe of questions of a philosophical nature. When a four-year old asks, "Why did my goldfish have to die?", they're probably not going to be satisfied with "Because God is an idiot.", and said child might have colossal psych bills racked up because of such a statement. If a person asks a question that can't be blamed on someone on the material plane, it's best to say "Are you an idiot?" That usually shuts them up. (For young persons whose fragile self-esteem might be shattered by such a remark, the phrase containing "idiot" of course must be translated into something such as, "you'll understand when you're older." For those over the age of 12 who already have shattered self-esteem, the term idiot is acceptable.)

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