"We got the kind of games you can't rent at blockbuster" is a line uttered by Del the Funkee Homo Sapien (aka Deltron 3030, aka Cho-Tano Ningen and Khaos Unique) on the song Proto-Culture, which appeared on the 1999 album Both Sides of the Brain.

It has always been very important in hip hop to let people know that you are for real and genuine. In some branches of rap, this can take the form of bragging about really having gone to jail, and the like. However, Del is way too smart to brag about something as stupid as being a criminal, so he has to assert his authenticity in other fields.

Since Deltron is the first rapper to rap whole scale about anime and video games and the like, he wrote the song Proto-Culture to assert his position as a true, hardcore underground gaming geek, playing Street Fighter Alpha, Xenogears and Doom instead of the weak commercialized games that you can find at Blockbuster.

Also, as far as I know, Del is the only person to have two quotes appear at the top of e2, even though, of course, the other: "We Keep the Funk Alive by Talking with Idiots" is somewhat mangled.

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