Cho-Tano Ningen (超楽人間) is the Japanese name of an American rapper, namely Del the Funky Homosapien. Del invented the Kanji for his name himself, and the literally meaning is "Super Fun Person", which is maybe the best way to translate such a concept as Funky Homosapien into Japanese.

The story of how Del decided on acquiring a Japanese name goes back to the beginning of his career. Although he initially gained fame as the young cousin of Ice Cube, he never gained as much fame or money as some of the more violent and explicit California rappers. In the year 1995 he went into semi-seclusion, dropping lots of LSD and playing lots of video games. However, the internet saved him, as him and his crew Hieroglyphics developed a large following through their web site. When they did return to prominence, they had taken "Giant Steps", rapping in a much more intellectual way.

Part of this growth was Del incorporating various anime, sci-fi and cyberpunk themes into his rhymes. Along with his pop culture appreciation of the Japanese people, he also learned the Japanese language, and thus, devised Kanji for his name.

For those of you following "Snowcrash-becomes reality", Del is somewhat reminescent of Sushi K, although he is no way an imitator or poser.

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