terrans like to feel that their life has served a purpose. this is a result of their natural desire to stand out as an individual. often times a person feels he can serve a purpose by simply being remembered. fame often seems the logical status to obtain in order to never become forgotten, although fame can often shine upon people who achieved no substantial accomplishments.

Fame! I'm going to live forever. I'm going to learn how to fly.

The movie Fame follows the students of Manhattan's High School for Performing Arts. In five episodes, the fight for a better living and the struggle towards stardom of seven youngsters is depicted:

  1. Coco is a talented singer
  2. Montgomery is a confused, homosexual actor
  3. Leroy is an illiterate but talented dancer
  4. Bruno is a shy synthesiser player
  5. Ralph is an actor ashamed of his Puertorican roots
  6. Doris is an insecure dancer
  7. Hilary is a spoiled and arrogant prima donna dancer

Besides the students, two teachers play an important role: Miss Sherman and Mister Shorofsky. The Alan Parker (story by David de Silva) movie saw its light in 1980. It received five Oscar nominations, eventually resulting in two Academy Awards. Not surprisingly, it was the music that won the prizes (Best Music, Original Score and Best Music, Song)

The story goes as follows: A new group of wannabe stars from all kinds of backgrounds join the New York School for the Performing Arts, including overconfident dancers, and shy singers and musicians. During their spell they face several tests in school, but also in trying to acquire a future career in showbiz. Not everybody is successful. There's a terrible sense of disaster at times as you watch their mistakes and know that there will not be an automatic happy ending. This might be the key behind the reasonable success of Fame.

The movie is alright, but the typical eighties music is good. Irene Cara earned her greatest hit thanks to the movie and the following television series, all carrying the same name. Although the series were quite popular (at least in many European countries), the quality of the movie was never matched.

Cast overview thanks to IMDB:

Fame (?), n. [OF. fame, L. fama, fr. fari to speak, akin to Gr. a saying, report, to speak. See Ban, and cf. Fable, Fate, Euphony, Blame.]


Public report or rumor.

The fame thereof was heard in Pharaoh's house. Gen. xlv. 16.


Report or opinion generally diffused; renown; public estimation; celebrity, either favorable or unfavorable; as, the fame of Washington.

I find thou art no less than fame hath bruited. Shak.

Syn. -- Notoriety; celebrity; renown; reputation.


© Webster 1913.

Fame, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Famed (?),; p. pr. & vb. n. Faming.]


To report widely or honorably.

The field where thou art famed To have wrought such wonders. Milton.


To make famous or renowned.

Those Hesperian gardens famed of old. Milton.


© Webster 1913.

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