David de Silva (1941) intellectual father of Fame

David de Silva is the creator and writer of the story of Fame. During his History studies, he developed his Fame idea. His interest in La Guardia, High School for Performing Arts, came from the magnetic attraction this school apparently had on future pupils. "I always believed in an ideal democratic society where everyone has the chance to break loose from his underprivileged position, where it does not matter where you come from or who your father is. Just doing something you can do best, prepares people suitably for the competitive world we live in".

De Silva's basic idea was to follow a number of pupils for four years during their education at the High School for Performing Arts. He expected that the differences in background and character of these three actors, four dancers and some musicians, would add suspension and a peculiar dimension to the story, particularly because the pupils were around the emotional age of 18 years.

His students did not expect much of his idea, not even when MGM bought his concept for a movie. De Silva himself trusted the story and kept the theatre rights in his own hands because he dreamt of a musical version of his story (which in his eyes would do much more credit to his story). Ten years after the birth of the movie and television series Fame, that dream also came true.

To know oneself is a life long process. It helps us along the way if we recognize that Life is Theatre. There are many sides to the 'character' we play in it. We are always making our 'entrances' and 'exits'.
David de Silva

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