The Federal age of majority in Canada. You can vote in federal elections, and in most provinces you can buy porn, have sex with grown-ups, have anal sex. (not that there's a big anal sex law enforcement agency or anything..) In some provinces, notably Quebec, Alberta, and I think one or two others, 18 is also the provincial age of majority, which grants the ability to vote in provincial and municipal elections, buy and drink alcohol and tobacco products, and be considered a legal guardian, among other more arcane rights.

18 is sometimes used as a reference to Adolf Hitler; A being the first and H the eighth letter of the alphabet. It is most often seen in names of neo-nazi groups such as British Combat 18 (C18) and Terror18.

Compare: 88 (Heil Hitler).

18 in the Jewish mystical system of Gematria is the represetative number for the word Chai (rhymes with Hi!) meaning living or life.

The word is often used as a design on jewelry and other ornaments. Donations to charity are often made in multiples of 18. Also considered a number of fortune for Jews.
18 is also the title of the new album from that genre-bending master, Moby.

It will be his first album since the Grammy-nominated Play was released in 1999. There is no word yet on if the rights to all the music on this album has been sold for commercials.

Here is the track list, as it stands, before the album release on May 14th.

1. We Are All Made Of Stars
2. In This World
3. In My Heart
4. Great Escape
5. Signs Of Love
6. One Of These Mornings
7. Another Woman
8. Fireworks
9. Extreme Ways
10. Jam For The Ladies
11. Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)
12. 18
13. Sleep Alone
14. At Least We Tried
15. Harbour
16. Look Back In
17. The Rafters
18. I'm Not Worried At All

Now that the album has been released and I have purchased it, I've decided to do a small review.

Firstly, those who are expecting Play part II will be disappointed. The pseudo-commercial nature of that album has been abandonded in favor of a clearer picture. Moby wants some tracks to be used for commercials and others to not be. Great Escape is a non-commercial track, while the fantastic Extreme Ways could be used as a theme song for any number of good action films. Overall, the quality of the album is top notch. He has truly put his heart and soul into it and a new masterpiece is born.
There are no disappointments on this album, other than the fact that it isn't the Play redux. For me, the so called "departure" from the gospel, deep South style of samples, mixed with hard rock tracks and simple guitar tracks isn't a departure at all. It has evolved into this album, one which shows a new level of Moby and, hopefully, will garner him another Grammy nomination.

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