This is the Québec Metanode. Québec, as you might know, is a province of Canada, east of Ontario and west of the maritimes. Home to the majority of french speakers in Canada. Cold and really really snowy winters, blisteringly hot summers. Largest city is Montreal, capital city is Quebec City. It has a very rich culture and afore you is a summary of some of its cultural beauties.

License Plate slogan

Area Codes


Regions of Québec

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  • legbagede -- for cooling this.
  • Senso -- addition of Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal
  • Truffle -- addition of area codes.
  • Stavr0 -- addition of Capitaine Kébec I think I'm absolutely doing a terrible job with this writeup (it used to be a metanode) and with school and work taking up most of my life, if anyone wants to make this writeup what it should truly be. Go right ahead.
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