Formerly located on West 46th Street in Manhattan, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art was the school featured in the movie Fame. The school has since relocated to 100 Amsterdam Avenue near Lincoln Center. The old building is now used by the Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis High School for International Careers.

Laguardia's mission is to prepare students for professional careers in dance, music or drama, although many do not go on to work in those fields, and few of those who do achieve major success.

Interestingly, Fame doesn't just correctly portray the exterior of the school as it was at the time -- easy enough to do when you're shooting on location -- but the interior as well (and a school is a difficult place to get permission to shoot on location in). My ex-girlfriend, a librarian at JKOHS, says the current classrooms are the same as the ones depicted in the movie, only smaller because walls have been built to save money.

Education is underfunded, you see.

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