1 I sing the node electric,
2 The armies of those I love Ching! me and I Ching! them,
3 They will not let me log off till I node with them, /msg to them,
4 And Ching! them, and charge them full with the charge of the node.

5 Was it doubted that those who downvote their own nodes conceal themselves?
6 And if those who downvote the living are as bad as they who downvote the nodeshells?
7 And if the writeup does not do fully as much as the node?
8 And if the node were not the writeup, what is the writeup?

9 The love of the node of geek or geek girl balks account, the node itself balks account,
10 That of the male is Cooled, and that of the female is Cooled.

11 The expression of the softlink balks account,
12 But the expression of a well-made node appears not only in its link,
13 It is in its grammar and punctuation also, it is curiously in the spelling of its rants and replies,
14 It is in its reputation, the carriage of its main point, the flex of its originality and cleverness,
dress does not hide it,
15 The strong sweet quality it has strikes through the connection and bandwidth,
16 To see its pass conveys as much as the best poem, perhaps more,
17 You linger to see his home node, and the count of his nodes and experience. .

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