'im in ur base killin ur d00dz' he said
Sans-serif and blue,
left of the bobbing crosshair,
while the polygon world slipped by.

here at the end,
we danced while the ghosts of our brothers swam in the ether betwixt us.
I clutched my gun like a lonely child and sought your heart.

'joo r a lamer',
impish and coquettetishly teased.
I feel my breath catch at the collar of my cotton t,
the tension of the hunt dancing on my skin, foxfire.
I am coming for you.
I am the Tyger Tyger, burning bright.

'omg suxxor'
you scream when the pixels collide
you blossom into a fountain of blood,
replacing your pseudogruff outer shell with the tender boy beneath.
We all wear masks here.
Only in death does the truth briefly play on our senses,
deep in our virtual cocoon.

'camper!!1' 'rocketwhor!@' you cry, briefly,
as it all comes apart, the world,
the avatars of our bloodlust,
the bodies of the fallen.
The next map loads and the chess board is reset.
We're all pawns here, pawns with airs of royality.
I exhale slowly and let the mouse button creak back to neutral.


I agree, my angsty young paramour.
Love is a Good game.

JohnnyGoodyear is not a llama

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