I texted im in ur base killin ur d00dz to my sons on one of the first days they were both out of the house after my final return from the multiple hospital visits back in early March. Not only did I need to feel safe by myself but I wanted them to know I was not going to die yet.

In this era of memes, tropes, and acronyms that are internet and cell phone specific, in order to communicate one has to stay lighthearted and creative, IMHO (something I'd never say or write in real life). When I learned what YOLO meant I'd shout it as a greeting when my sons least expected me to interrupt their day.

My two sisters and two brothers with their big shot University advanced degrees in the areas of science, math and computer science haven't a clue what I mean when I text or email LOL, ROFL or LMFAO. So while technically I'm sitting on an old green loveseat in my parlor, the only thing I'm killing are tiny red ants that bite.

Although I suppose if possible I should let the Queen know im killin hr d00dz cuz their in my base.


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