An entertaining game to play with a computer running Windows. No additional software required.

- One computer running Windows 95 or higher, preferrabley belonging to someone else. If the computer is yours, make damn sure you have all the restore disks and have backed up all your porn, warez, and MP3s.
- Two players, including yourself.

- Make sure the computer is operational.
- Disable the Recycle Bin (right click on it and change the Properties).
- Make sure Explorer is set to show hidden, system, and protected operating system files.
- If the computer is not yours, make sure you have access (licit or illicit) to administrator priviliges on it.
- Also if the computer is not yours, make sure you have an escape plan and an alibi ready.

The player who found the computer goes first. Boot and run a search for all .dll files in the WINDOWS directory. Delete a minimum of one and a maximum of 5% of the files found. Reboot. The next player then boots the computer and does the same thing. The first player to make the computer refuse to boot loses. If the computer belongs to one of the players, the loser must use the restore disks to fix the computer. If the computer does not belong to either player, then both players should walk directly away from the computer at a high speed.

See also: Jenga.

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