The bumper stickers that say, "Proud parent of an honor roll student" are bad enough. They're saying, "hey-my kid doesn't have a learning disability and knows how to solve basic addition" which is only impressive if we are to believe that normal children are unintelligent.

Much worse, however, than bragging about smarts, is bragging about a bully. The bumper stickers that say, "My kid beat up your honor student" are so embarrassing to the human race that I actually feel pity for this idiot who is esentially claiming, "My child is an overweight, twinkie eating dummy with low self-esteem."

That is all for now

What about the ones like, "My kid is getting laid by your honor roll student." They're a good laugh until you actually see them on a car.

The best thing about these bumper stickers is, a lot of time you can tell by the bumper sticker how smart the parents are. They're like a voluntary IQ test with an automatic 200 awarded if you don't participate at all.

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