One of a number of questionnaires intended to evaluate the test-taker's experience in the area of the test, usually sexual. Score is given in % purity, indicating the items that the test-taker has not done. The "standard" purity test is the 500 question at

A mostly-humorous test for determining how pure you are in terms of sex, drugs, crime, or other things of that sort. Of anything that could be considered bad, or something to make you impure. The standard one nowadays seems to be the 1000-question one.

They are staples at any college, and if you haven't seen one by then, you're very likely to get a few experiences with it.

Some people use them as a checklist for things that they haven't done but want to do.

I heard a rumor that there was a 5000 question version, but have never actually seen one.

There are also a number of derivatives of the purity test, devoted to certain subjects, often created by people really into it. Hmm... anyone up for the Everything Purity Test?

I just took the 1000-question one again online, just about a week ago. I scored 74% pure, not much lower than my freshman year in college. I think I need to do more things.

I knew someone from college that had a score in the mid-twenties on that test. As in, she had done about 750 of the 1000 things they ask you about. I always wondered which were the things she hadn't done.

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