Note from Bluebear 11/26/01: Please disregard all pricing information except for that which is in the 11/19/01 note - directly below. For payment and pricing info go to I'm tired of all this, I just wanted the damned E2 Poster.

Note from Bluebear 11/19/01: We have now reached orders for a definite 147 Posters. I am freezing the Purchase Price at $9.19 per poster. I have inquired with other's as to whether this seems fair or not, and they have agreed it is an excellent and fair price. I also am doing this so that people can begin sending their money, as I have already ordered up the printing. Completion date is 11/26 barring any unforeseen problems. Please /msg me with any questions/concerns.

Most everyone here has doubtless seen the E2 T-shirts being offered via banner ad. Some of you even bought them. Thank you for that.

Those shirts were designed and developed by NightScape Studios, in the summer of 2000. At the same time The Everything Development Company also contracted NS for development of an E2 Poster. So, being the incredible business people we at NightScape are, we designed one. Hell, we went all out. We got a skinny pale 19 year old kid, a list of write-ups from dem bones and Nate, an old industrial freezer, a bunch of old extension cords, some automotive parts, a torn apart monitor, 6 rolls of 35mm film, and a bunch of blaring blazing hot lights. We took these things, built a set in my studio (which is actually a garage I rent out), stripped the 19 year old to his boxers, and started snapping pictures. Lots of them. We chose a picture, did a little doctoring in Photoshop, imported to Quark Xpress, used the write-ups to border the top and bottom of the poster, and ran to Kinko's to print a proof.

Nate was pleased.
It was on it's way to production.
Then it wasn't.

The Everything Development Company needed to take a break from spending, the T-shirt sales didn't bode well for merchandising, I had made Nate buy my drinks the night before, and a host of other issues kept this poster from print.

Then the other day I decided I wanted to see it go to production. Everydevel had paid good money to get this poster developed and designed. We all were proud of it. We all still are.

So I asked Nate for permission to try and get it printed. He said yes. Which brings us to where we are. (Sorry I took so damn long to get to this point, I simply wanted to stress the fact that a lot has gone into this project. As such I'd love to see it come to fruition).

The Poster is 28" X 35"
Black and White


Printing 250 of them (the lowest quantity we can print while maintaining a reasonable price) will cost $1220. The retail price of the poster will be directly effected by the amount sold, with an order minimum of 75. If less than 75 Posters are ordered it will not go to production.

So....(I worked in roughly $1 to $2 per poster, depending, obviously, on the # sold, which will go directly to E2 Server Costs), it works as follows:

If (Quantity Ordered) > Then (Purchase Price)

200 > $7.50+s&h
150 > $9.00+s&h
125 > $10.80+s&h
100 > $13.50+s&h
75 > $18.00+s&h

Shipping & Handling

I've checked prices on packaging, and am still waiting on one more estimate, but as of now the best price of found on those nifty cardboard cylinders is $1.75+tax. Shipping USPS First Class (sorry, can't find anyone to do it cheaper) will be approximately $3.50. Which brings the shipping (with address labels as well) to $5.35.

Handling will be $2.00 (organizing orders, stuffing posters, printing labels, dealing with the Post Office).

Total Shipping and Handling Cost then is $7.35.

All that being said, if you want one please put your name below. If we only get 75 orders I will be asking for confirmation that those who ordered are still interested, being that $18.00 is a bit steep. Deadline for your order is 12:00 p.m. (server time), December 1, 2001. Between now and then I will work out exactly how I want to handle payments. I will not request payment until then.

The write-ups featured on the Poster:

Nothing New About Ancient Greece Will Be Learned Until The Vatican is Plundered
by donfreenut

bingo parlors
by thefez

by kslawson

Everything2 is decadent and depraved
by knifegirl

soul aikido
by thefez

Karl Marx must have had a lousy job
by tregoweth

A secret paradise in the gullet of EDB
by lawnjart

Editor's Note: Head hurts, bones breaking. No more writeups here will be killed today. Instead, send your loving devotion to WickerNipple (or any other god/editor you love more, *sniff*) via a msg.

You will be numbered and accounted for.

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