You readily and often unknowingly accept manipulation from the outside world that warps your inside world.

Good thing we live in a culture that's so posthuman that the prescription of drugs to alter mindstates is routine.

So mix and match and consume your favorite chemicals till you feel good!

fuck, it's Friday after all.
Wow, what a pretty nodeshell

A sentence that sometimes I hear in my head, in fact, I think that participating in your own manipulation is what's life is all about.

If you're lucky enough to decide by yourself, you can spend a great time choosing paths that will force you to do things that right now you aren't doing.

Some of these decisions can be trivial and some crucial for your future. If you are lucky (I had to stress this, the majority of us Everythingians are lucky people), don't be afraid and

Participate in your own manipulation

If you don't do it, someone else will do it for you...

Who needs The Holy Puppet-Masters?

We shouldn't. We're all just little chesspieces sculpted of vari-coloured flesh; we do what they tell us to, move when they want us to, say what they want us to say. Try and move of your own accord and you can feel them jerking back on the strings - wires sewn through your wrists and legs and every possible joint. Sometimes, if you're lucky enough, they manage to worm into your head with their insidious strings of predestined thought.

Participate in your own manipulation. Don't let the Gods have all of the fun. Every chance for choice that you steal from them is a victory...and once you become your own Puppet-Master, it really isn't manipulation anymore, is it?

The song "Electronic Behavior Control System" by EBN had a verse that went like this: "Manipulation, articulation, participate in your own manipulation". This sentence pretty much captures the meaning of the song, you are your own master. Deal with your faith, The Man isn't responsible for your slacking.

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