Wires is the debut LP from Melbourne band Art Of Fighting. Released in 2001, the band have been together since 1995. Six years between formation and their first full length album has resulted in a collection of incredibly beautiful, well crafted songs.

Wires is an album of incredible gentleness, and remarkable subtlety. The songs grow, and build, then with a tiny shift in the melody, or the chord played, will take you somewhere else. Allow these songs to wash over you, close your eyes, and wait for Art Of Fighting to take you on a journey. This is the album I choose when I don't want to fall to sleep to the sound of silence.

If you enjoy music with the ability to pick you up, and gently float you away, then this album will blow your mind. In a music industry increasingly dominated by radio friendly, money making bands, an album like Wires is a special find. This is an album where the music is the most important thing, and this was recognised through Wires being awarded the 2001 Australian Record Industry Award (ARIA) for Best Alternative Release.

Art Of Fighting - Wires
Trifekta Records, 2001, HORSE008-2

1. Skeletons
2. Give Me Tonight
3. Akula
4. Moonlight
5. I Don't Keep A Record
6. In No Good Way
7. Find You Lost
8. Reasons Are All I Have Left
9. Just Say I'm Right
10. Wires
11. Something New

This album will be difficult to find outside of Australia - believe me though, it would be well worth the effort to order a copy, and have it shipped to wherever you are. Melancholic and introspective, Wires is an album I will enjoy for many years to come.

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