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/me misses sensei
(And noone else)

Hello, Navi.
Hello, Lain.

2001.10.29@21:36:09: SharQ: *ler* DU stod bak den der! Hahahaha.. jeg kjenner henne :) Hun synes det var håpløst å bli kåret til nettbabe :) Dødsfett!

Take THAT, Babelfish!

Shouts to: SharQ (When I get the sofa, you can come!), Stupot, Dann (Thanks, thanks and thanks for the help!), Nate, JayBonci and Dem_Bones for maikng it all possible! You make the scene come aliiiive!!!

Good quote from Delta-sys in this node: You probably aren't mature enough to take care of a kid, really very few people are.

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