Some other details regarding the University of Oslo:

The main faculties are:
Medical institute
Law faculty
Physics institute
Mathemathics institute
Biology institute
Political science faculty
History and philosophy faculty
Orthodondical institute

In addition, they are responsible for six museums and a truckload of different historical collections.

There is no central campus, the university is scattered all over Oslo. But most of the faculties are located at Blindern in Oslo along with most of the administration so most people call it campus. The largest faculty, law, is located in downtown Oslo. The medical institute is located at Gaustad near the national hospital.

Every student that wants to study at the UiO or and other university in Norway has the pass a test. The test is called examen philosphicum, and is mainly about western philosophy, semantics, logic and research theory.

Each institute or faculty has their own "Kjeller" (=Basement) where they can meet for a beer and some partying. The most popular kjeller is "Frokostkjelleren" (=The breakfeast basement), belonging to the law faculty.

Their website is

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