I think it’s a bit sad that this node is still empty; even after yesterday’s write-up The world breaks everyone from Jet-Poop which was linked to this one, nobody added something, not even a dull sentence.
Does this mean that you guys are being ground down by the bastards?
I can’t imagine you don’t know what to write here, faster and wittier that I can. And I can’t even give you the perfect recipe with which you can shield yourself from those braindeads who lost their ideology over time: there is no such list as a ten-rules-to… I can only tell you what works for me.

Happiness is the best revenge!

That’s it. If you know what you are doing, and why, and do those activities because you’re convinced it’s for a good cause and not out of a deep rooted frustration, how can they grind you? They can’t!!! With their narrow-mindedness they are no match for your arguments why you’re doing what you’re doing. Especially when you’re satisfied, happy, with the way you choose to live.

I don’t have this house-car-marriage-kids-dog sort of life, I chose something else. Of course there are people around me who try to put me in a cage, to do what they do, to do what everybody else does, to do what I’m supposed to do to fit in. And then I tell them my reasons. Often they don’t have a contra-argument, they’re surprised yes, that there are still people out there who even think and care about the problems in the world. They say something like: “well, that’s great what you do, but I can’t do that because blahblah. And I’m happy for you that you’re happy with your life”. At the end of the day, they accept/tolerate me and don’t keep on pressing me into the same line everybody else goes, because they know I enjoy my life. And it is a waste of time and energy to convince a satisfied/happy person to change her/his life.
If they don’t accept (or tolerate) it, I avoid them as much as possible, because it’s not worthwhile the energy of talking to a wall the “bastards” don’t want to be broken. If they want to live in their fake life, let them, and so let me live my life. And I know I’m not the only one on earth who refuses to be grinded, I met others.

The above could be interpreted as arrogant, but I didn’t mean that, I think I meant self confidence.

Age 5- I wanna be super hero.
Age 7- I wanna be a super hero.
Age 8- I wanna be a doctor.
Age 10- I want to be a doctor
Age 12- I want to be a psychologist.
Age 14- I want to be a psychiatrist.
Age 15- I want to be a lawyer.
Age 16- I am going to be a truck driver.
Justin finds this node.
Age 17- I am going to be a super hero.

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