A traditional indicator of schizophrenia. Most people are familiar with the phenomenon of "talking to oneself". Sometimes it's vocalized as mumbling. I do it automatically, silently, when I write, to test out phrasing and style before I commit a thought. I talk to myself when I have a problem to solve, debating between mindsets and approaches, and I pray silently too. Talking to oneself is usually a harmless eccentricity.
I recognize each different voice as an expression of my own psyche, even if the words are hurtful. It is just an irrational leftover part of me grasping for power, by emulating the hurtfulness of people who exercised power over me long ago. Schizophrenics cross the line into pathology when they mistake their own uncontrolled thoughts for external messages (e.g. Son of Sam).
In my private internal mythology, there are distinct voices for each of these "characters":

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