Hee, only a guy would write "caressing the clitoris".

Well. While some women do go for the full frontal clitoral tweak (say that five times fast), most find it to be way too sensitive until late in the game. In my experience, and apparently the experience of most chicks on girly websites, most women go for indirect or quasi-direct stimulation - rubbing against a pillow, playing with nipples, rubbing with the end of a hairbrush or similarly sized object (household objects are great - most girls are so conditioned to think that masturbation is an anomaly among females that the more discreet the er.. masturbatory artifacts, the better.), or, the number one choice, positioning your crotch under a faucet or a shower head, or for lucky folks with access to one, a jacuzzi. Of course, strumming away GENTLY with your finger is also super popular for logistical reasons. Once properly aroused, the clitoris is less prone to irritation, and then we go wild (ahh, vibrators..). But that's just none of your business, buddy. ;)

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