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REGARDLESS of the pant-less bunny you keep in your closet, the volcano will blast and frogs will fall from the sky. Geeks shall flourish and the land will be made well again.


the kind of day....
the kind of night...
that kind of feeling. Murdering the moment.

We are all moment murderers.

I'm sooooo done with this fucking place. I wish I could say 'peace out', but I ain't no hippie and you all are NOT about peace. So go masturbate or spellcheck or use lynx to surf the web. Morons.
You know if I am not talking about you in that above paragraph. I love you all who are not poodanks.
JP has visited me. TheFez has stayed at my place. SpinyNorm has crashed at my place. ... I'm old school. You fucking suck all you new assholes. Go get more jaded. I'll meet ya in hell. I'll fucking show you around and give you an goddamn popsicle. Can you tell I'm sick of e2 bullshit?? Maybe? Just a little?
I'm not a bitter woman. Really. I have a lot of love, but no one here is going to get it, unless i get really bored and login and decide to serial downvote people who have harassed me.
Ya'all should just sleep and take your fucking meds. Mmmmkay?