Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak was a set of two specials made by Cartoon Network and the people who would eventually become Williams Street and found Adult Swim. It is different from The Brak Show, one of the first original programs made for Adult Swim, and has a much goofier and fun feel to it, with several guest stars in every episode and loads of cameos by classic Hanna-Barbera characters. It's hosted by Wally Gator!

Lots of stuff with Brak has become kind of legendary among Cartoon Network history: Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast, the various iterations of Cartoon Planet, The Brak Show, the "Boo Boo Baa Baa Dee Dee" commercial spot, but this is probably the purest and funniest version of Brak and Zorak there's ever been. Even though they only made two half-hour shows, every segment in them is great, and they released a whole CD made up exclusively of songs and segments from those two specials.

Highlights include Highway 40 Revisited with Freddie Prinze Jr., Ohio, Cheeselog, Cowboy Buddy, Bananachek, and many others.

As of this writing they can be viewed on Youtube!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

(Nodeshell rescue!)

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