Zorak is everyone's favorite large insect: he's a 6-foot-tall evil praying mantis with a red vest!

Zorak's career started with Hanna-Barbera's 1966 cartoon Space Ghost, playing one of the many evil villains plotting against and consistently defeated by Space Ghost. After leaving the cast, Zorak was captured by Space Ghost and forced to lead the band of Space Ghost's 1994 talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which also called on the talents of former-villain Moltar to direct. (The show later spawned a spinoff, Cartoon Planet, which also included Zorak.) In 2000, Zorak was asked to appear on Brak's new show Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak, which later folded in favor of The Brak Show. (SG CtC and The Brak Show air on Adult Swim's lineup; check www.adultswim.com for the schedule.)

Zorak is voiced by C. Martin Croker.

As the star of TV shows watched by millions weekly, Zorak has to keep a cap on his everyday evil activities. He manages to get his kicks in, though; most episodes of SG CtC see him actively pursuing the Greater Bad of Space Ghost, despite being consistently and repeatedly ZAPed by Space Ghost's powerful Destructo Ray. He also takes advantage of the open-ended style of The Brak Show and has a habit of getting Brak into trouble. He seems to have adapted well to this new world of sitcoms and talk shows, and has even developed a good sense of humor about being a cartoon character:

Dr. Maxcy Nolan, entomologist: One thing that I found just the most absolutely amazing about the mantises, is the fact that they can stand motionless, for hours. Literally not moving any body part that is visible.
Zorak: Actually, nobody moves much in a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

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