Brak is a cat-like alien who first appeared as a villain on the 1960s animated series Space Ghost. He was an evil, super-intelligent space pirate, who, like many villains on the show was always trying to conquer or cause trouble in various galaxies, and also like the other villains on the show, his plans were always foiled by Space Ghost and his sidekicks, Jan, Jace, and Blip.

In the 1990s, a new show called Space Ghost Coast to Coast premiered, the title character, once, the serious, stoic, no-nonsense fighter of crime and evil and defender of justice, was now a bumbling, inept, retired superhero hosting a talk show, with his former rogues gallery serving as the show's crew. Brak made his first comeback appearance in the first episode of the series as a Beavis and Butthead-like one-shot character mocking a fake commercial. Brak made a few appearances but got his chance to shine on the TBS series Cartoon Planet, where he co-starred alongside Space Ghost and fellow former villain Zorak, chatting, making up silly stories and poems, telling jokes, and singing goofy songs. The series proved to be popular enough that two CDs featuring songs and skits from the show were released, Space Ghost's Musical Barbaque and Space Ghost's Surf n' Turf.

Unlike Zorak who was still evil and conspiring against Space Ghost, it was explained that in one of the classic Space Ghost episodes "The Lure" in which he and his minion, Sisto kidnap Jan in a plot to lure Space Ghost to stop him from interfering with a robbery plot. After Jan is rescued by Space Ghost, Jace, and Blip, Brak makes his escape, but he flies his ship into a swarm of piranha mites, it was explained that the run-in with the piranha mites gave him severe brain damage and he forgot how to be evil.

Brak's pouplarity on the "Space Ghost" shows, spawned two hour-long "variety specials" in 2000 both titled Brak Presents the Brak Show Starring Brak which featured guest appearances by Freddie Prinze, Jr., The Chieftains, Jo Dee Messina, and Dallas Page. A CD called Brak Presents the Brak Album Starring Brak featuring highlights from both specials was released following the airings.

In the fall of 2001, Brak his own show The Brak Show, which is a parody of 1950s sitcoms, like Leave It to Beaver and I Love Lucy, which depicts Brak living with his parents, his father is a normal human and his mother is the same species as him. Other characters on the show include Zorak, in the role of Brak's troublemaking friend and Thundercleese, a giant robot who lives next door. This series ran for three seasons on Adult Swim and occasionally appears in reruns on AS "Retro Nights".


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