Snail Ramp is a highly successful popular Japanese band. Since they are from Japan, the genre of music that they play can be automatically classified as J-Pop, although it is also sometimes considered rock, punk, and even ska. Snail ramp is composed of three members; Vocal and bass player, Takemura, vocals and guitar player, Akio, and Dr. Ishimaru (we’re not quite sure what he does).

The group’s 6 hit albums are all produced by the Japanese record companies, Phalanx Records, School Bus Records, and One Two School. School Bus Records also releases albums by other Japanese artists such as: Pez Stomp, One Track Mind, Domino88, and One Peace. Snail Ramp is constantly on tour in Japan. They usually have about five large shows a month. In the Spring of 2001, Snail Ramp performed, along with many other Japanese bands, in their only US appearance in Georgia.

  • A Pizza Already
  • Flatfish Comes!
  • Mind Your Step!
  • B.M.W.
  • Fresh Brash Old Man

Check them out, they’re good.

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