Space Ghost Coast To Coast is a great talk show, even though the guests are rarely entertaining unless peripherally.

Comes on Cartoon Network ( at 11:00 Friday nights and 12:00 midnight Sundays.

If I miss Space Ghost Coast To Coast on Friday nights I am of the obsession to stay up to watch it Sunday night despite my rise-and-shine time of 5:30 to prepare for school.

Yes, the show is that funny!

So many dissapointed fans of Brak missed him on SG:C2C that Brak is now, preview on February 20, 2000, returning March 16, 2000, starring in his own show, Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak.

Which came first, Cartoon Planet or SGC2C?
Space Ghost Coast to Coast came first - Cartoon Planet was a hilarious spinoff where the characters sang songs and answered mail from fans.

My Space Ghost history began my first time playing M:TG in a little card shop in downtown Richmond. Two guys: one normal geek, the other black trenchcoat, black hat, black hair, gotee, an evil look. Talked funny and was referred to as "Zorak" by his friend. Weird as hell..
Then some time later that summer I was channel surfing and happened upon Cartoon Planet and a funny preying mantis named Zorak.
Space Ghost Coast to Coast was the brainchild of Cartoon Network's then-Senior Vice President of Progamming and Production Mike Lazzo, and staffers Khaki Jones and Andy Merrill, at a meeting in 1993. Believe it or not it actually evolved from a planned update of the old Wacky Races show. In fact, Lazzo was half-joking when he made the suggestion of Space Ghost being introduced as a late-night talk show host. Eventually the ideas solidified into the first pilot, which was born of spliced clips of Space Ghost and Dino Boy and a CNN interview package of Denzel Washington. The pilot got the show in as far as production goes, and the debut episode (although not the first episode produced) premiered on Cartoon Network on April 15, 1994.

Since then, the show has been a staple of latenights on Cartoon Network. As of May 13, 2002, 88 seperate episodes have been shown, 81 have been originals, and 7 have been alternate versions of other episodes. The show has been produced by Cartoon Network staffers and staff from Atlanta's Crawford Communications, operating under the name Ghost Planet Industries (now known as Williams Street). The current production staff includes producers Mike Lazzo and Keith Crofford, writers Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, and voice talent George Lowe and C. Martin Croker (who also does most of the non-stock animation).

The show was also one of the charter series for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block, which was premiered in September 2001. As of January 12th, 2003, the show is off the programming schedule temporarily, although word is the series will be making a return in the spring. The show hasn't been canceled no matter what anybody says outside of CN, Williams Street, Mike Lazzo, Turner Networks, or AOLTW.

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