Episode 11 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast first aired on March 17, 1995. It was written by Matt Maiellaro and Chris Feresten.

Guests: This epsiode is actually hosted by live people for a change, those being Kirk the Storyteller (aka Atlanta-area theater veteran James Kirkconnell) and Carl the Cartoonist (aka Carl Clark).

Episode Premise:This episode is a little different, as it's an alternate presentation of two of the previous episodes. What goes on here is a sort of "children's storybook time" reading with hand-drawn cartoon panels, complete with group of kids to listen. The episodes presented in the reading are Banjo and Batmantis. The whole thing falls under the more experimental things they've done with the show, but it works well actually. James Kirkconnell has one of those easy to listen to, grandfatherly reading voices. And it's pretty funny how he deadpans a lot of the wackier moments of the read episodes.

President's Day Nightmare -- Girlie Show

Sto"ry*book` (?), n.

A book containing stories, or short narratives, either true or false.


© Webster 1913.

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