Episode 1 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast first aired on April 15, 1994. Written by Matt Maiellaro, Andy Merrill, Khaki Jones, and Keith Crofford.

Guests:The guests for this episode were crewcutted self-help icon (for all of 2 months at least) Susan Powter, stand-up comic and bit actor Kevin Meaney, and The Bee-Gees, whose name Space Ghost never could pronounce right.

Episode Premise: This episode falls more into the "straight interview" category of episodes, in that there's no real ongoing plot on the studio outside of the interview. The episode gets its name from the fact that a handful of lines in the show are repeated en español in the style of many of the Berlitz conversational language tapes. For example, we learn that "I wear a pantsuit and a cape" translates to the phrase "Me visto con ma yas y capa". Also part of the episode is a mock commercial for the Zorak & Moltar sing the Nursery Rhymes and Favorite Lullabies album. It's only $94.00. Not a bad price I'd say.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast -- Gilligan

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