Fitness instructor and motivational speaker, who became well know in the early 1990s after publishing Stop the Insanity!/Eat, Breathe, Move, Change the Way You Look and Feel--Forever. Her trademark is her platinum blond crewcut.

Powter writes from experience, rather than formal training. She went from 260 lbs. to 113 lbs. by following a low-fat regimen (she rejects the use of the word diet) and exercising.

Her program is based primarily on common sense. The key point, however, is that she didn't get motivated to lose weight until she reached 260. She does make the point that losing 10 lbs. is as difficult as losing 100 lbs., however, because it's all about motivation.

In the book, Stop the Insanity, Powter also talks about her divorce and the time she spent as a exotic dancer after losing the weight to support her family.

Overall, a down-to-earth look at one woman's journey towards fitness and a better self-image.

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