A euphimism for stripper. Could also be used to mean a bellydancer but not often. Some dancers also work as escorts or prostitutes, and many get into drugs. Make good lovers but poor friends by my experience. Prime motivators are attention and money. Mostly money. See also dating strippers

The term "exotic dancer" is a euphemism for any kind of dancer who does things the audience wouldn't want to see their daughter doing (well maybe some of them would like to see their daughter doing it, but those few probably need to be locked up anyway).

The term exotic is a synonym for foreign, and exotic dancers were originally women who "toured" a route arranged by a group of brothels or houses of ill repute, staying about a week in each place but moving on before any of the customers noticed they had VD. The women doing this were basically owned by the cartel of pimps, who kept them moving around the country and carefully poisoned their name after they left so they could never return.

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